Systems Centred Learning

This site offers a unique insight into teaching creativity in higher education. Preparing students for employment in a dynamic set of global creative industries requires those students to not only be resilient and entrepreneurial, to be locally focused while being globally aware, but it is also imperative that they acquire a thorough understanding of creative processes and practice as they try to keep pace with worldwide digital trends.

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Theory informs Practice:
Practice examines Theory

The authors draw on their own internationally recognized research into creativity and innovation as well as their time spent in media practice. They apply these ideas and experiences to their teaching to aid aspiring media practitioners develop the skills and knowledge necessary for their own creative pursuits.

Quoted Examples

Please find below a list of student works.

Joseph Brookes

Robert Crosby

Samuel Hodgkins

Tiffiny Hollenberg-Kay

Hannah Jordan

  • Associate Professor Phillip McIntrye

  • Associate Professor Susan Kerrigan

  • Dr Janet Fulton

  • Dr Elizabeth Paton

  • Dr Michael Meany

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